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We always wanted to get far away from every single hard labor in our life. But sometimes, the majority of the people couldn’t.  Especially, when it comes to your school life, it’s really hard to find excuses for not doing homework. Some crafty teachers always find out whether a child is making fake excuses or not. Though, one should keep in mind not to make same homework excuses poem every time because co-incidence happens only once. However, in this blog, you’ll be able to find out some extraordinary and best excuses for not doing homework. Here are certain believable excuses for not doing homework.

1. Forgot my Homework: This is one of the best homework excuses that every student tried once in his/her lifetime. To safeguard yourself from the outrage of your teacher, then just mug up these few lines:” I did my Homework, but forgot it at home only”. Well, this justification always does favor for many pupils out there.

2. My Dog ate my Homework: However, if you want to make this excuse tends to be real, then a beloved pet should be there at your home. It is unique among all of the good reasons for not doing homework that one might be able to think upon it. Though, this excuse works sometimes only as there are only limited chances of getting it successful.

3. Hell Busy with Extra-Curricular activities: Time to think out of the box to make your justification real as it is one of the best excuses for not doing homework. If you got engaged in some sports or volunteering activities, then this excuse is a quite believable one. Among all the best excuses, this Justification has always does wonders for many students.

4. Not Well: Does Strict teachers always caught your false excuses and make you feel embarrassed in front of the whole class?  Then, it’s time to tape up your teacher’s mouth by giving a valid justification to them. It is solitary among all of the best homework excuses for strict teachers that has been trending a lot. As, no one on this planet could ever expect you to work in this condition.

5. Fake Homework Excuse: This is not an excuse of not doing a specific homework, but it is important to make this topic understand. Some students always make this mistake of making fake justification to their teachers like I was busy with some household work; I have been out whole evening etc. Implementing these nerdy stuffs will always get you in a lot of trouble.

6.Huge Family Fight: Here comes one of the top excuses for not doing homework i.e. quarrel between my adored parents. But one has to be careful while giving this justification. As, Domestic Violence is not an issue to hide unless it’s ready to save you from your teacher.

7. Sudden Death of a Family Member: Being Popular among the list of excuses, this justification always works fine. If you give excuse of your Grandmother’s death, then the teacher is not going to tell you something unless it’s true. In this situation, Guilt always becomes a reason for a teacher not to scold you for homework.

8. Out of Station: Among the list of excuses for forgetting homework, this is a quite eminent one. If you don’t want to see the worst side of your teacher, then it is a worthy excuse for you out there. As, no one could even wonder of carrying out their tasks outside the town.  

9. Could not understand the Homework: This excuse is holding top-notch position among all excuses for not having homework. Though with this, most of the teachers could easily give you an extended deadline. But this excuse works better for mathematics’ problems rather than any other subject.

10. Speak the Truth: If these above mentioned excuses don’t work, and then it’s time to take out your trump card i.e. Tell the truth. Perhaps, some students might find it as a suicide dive but trust us; your teacher may appreciate you for speaking the actuality rather than making any false excuses.

So, these are some of the best excuses for not doing homework. Perhaps, these excuses and explanations are useful to the most of the students among crowds. But, however, make sure not to misuse these excuses, as there are further chances of you getting unlikely in the eyes of your teacher. In order to make your career brighter and successful, then it is necessary to perform your tasks effectively without giving any false excuses.

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16 Best excuses for not doing their homework

Although we all hate growing up now, the best part we like about adulthood is the fact that we have escaped homework forever. We all hated it as kids and it was the most cursed moment of our lives when our teachers burdened us with loads of homework. And at home we always had our mommies trying to get us to finish it and we didn’t make their lives any easier. Here are the top excuses we all made as kids to skip doing our homework.


I don’t have any homework

Denial is the easiest form of an excuse. If the very existence of homework is denied, then there is no way our poor mommy is going to be able to get us devils at work.

My stomach is paining.

I guess we all did this at some point. The moment mommy gets you to sit down and begin your homework, tummy starts hurting.

I want to do potty.

From stomach pain to potty, it is the most obvious progression. And once we are in the toilet, God help our mothers!

I am sleepy.”

A sleepy kid is a cranky kid, but a kid who is pretending to be sleepy is crankier. God bless all the mommies!


I have homework, but I forgot the book at school.

Swag! This is an absolute win-win situation. If it has genuinely happened then there is nothing anyone can do about it. But if we were lying and mommy happens to check the school bag, world war 3 right there ladies and gentlemen.

I am hungry.”

Smart. Mommy goes to cook something and we chill. RIP homework.

Can I go play first?

Yes, like that was ever going to happen! But sometimes if mommy was in a good mood she did allow us.

I can’t find my pencil.”

No pencil, no homework, period. Unfortunately, our moms always knew some kind of magic and always ended up finding a pencil for us.

I think I have fever.

Freak mommy out and escape homework at the same time. Two birds with a single stone.

Will you get me an ice-cream if I finish my homework?

These kids have become very successful businessmen/women today.

Can you do the homework for me?

Yes, some of us did have the audacity to ask this question.

My friend’s mommy does it for him/her.

An extension of the previous argument after mommy declines the offer.

Isn’t it a Sunday tomorrow?

Most of us kept delaying our homework to the very end. While mommy wanted us to finish with our work and have a relaxed Sunday, we hardly ever listened.

I don’t like this subject.”


Application rejected instantly.

Start crying

For no rhyme or reason we would cry out loud and get mommy’s attention.

“I don’t have this subject’s class tomorrow, if I don’t do it today, it’s okay”.


I will say I don’t have any homework and copy it from my classmate at school tomorrow.”

This was the phase in high school. Moms wouldn’t press too much and if they did, this is what we came up with.

I will wake up early in the morning tomorrow and finish it.

Like that is ever going to happen!


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