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Executive Summary Change management is an essential feature of management which tries to make sure that a business responds quickly to the changing environment in which the organization operates. John Kotter defines change management as the proper utilization of primary tools and structures which helps to control any attempt of organizational change.

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JetBlue Airway

JetBlue has tailored a friendly environment for the customers providing them with the highest quality in seats and entertainment offering up to 24 channels of DIRECTV Programming at all seats. The service provided by the company is affordable daily short, medium (distance) and long-hauls (long distance) flights.

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Business analysis (British Airways)

British Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh unveiled the British Airways Business Plan Year 2006-2008 in 2006. So now in 2008 February , this statement have to be seen in the context of the goals which were made back in 2006. Let us start with looking at British Airways themselves , So that we get to know the Airline.

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JetBlue Airways

The company went public or began carrying out public functions in the year 2002. Most of its executives were former employees of southwest airlines which saw the airline adopt the approach of southwest airline of low-cost maintenance. It is relatively smaller than the southwest airlines but most recently it has posed a major competitive threat to southwest airlines.

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Report on British Airways

It serves 150 destinations in 75 countries around the world to transport 36 million passengers in a year (BA fact book 2007; BA is the founder member of oneworld airlines including American airlines, Quantas, Iberia, Cathay Pacific etc.

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Jet Blue Key

The jet blue teams had grown from 10 to a 1000 and with the arrival of each new plane a 100 more recruitment were expected and so within 4 years the employment was to increase to 5000. Ann Rhoades had gained experience and skill to overcome new challenges while she was working with the south west airlines as a Human resource head .She recognized that Jet Blue's expansion goals were far more aggressive than she had ever met before.

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Etihad Airways

Since its inception, the airline has failed to make a profit (Asia travel tips, 2008). However, the growth of the airline is exponential; its growth rate has never ever fallen below 40% (Asia travel tips, 2008). The case shows that James Hogan was hired in 2006 solely to turn the airline into a profit making venture by 2010.

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Boeing 007 Heli-jet

In response to this, the new product to be launched by Boeing Commercial Airplanes has thereby come up with a positioning strategy which will highlight its suitability in the current past faced business environment where executives are always in a hurry catching up with their appointments and needs to have an access to technology which will keep them in track with recent economic and business developments.

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Jet Blue Airways

Jet Blue has not only survived but also performed well during difficult industry period i.e. 2000-2003, this period can be deemed as a recession

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Blue jet

Such amenities which have attracted more customers include personalized television with over 20 channels as well as leather seats which are wide and have more leg allowance. Lack of division of passengers into

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Potential Analysis of Jet Blue: A Case Study

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Its main base is JFK international airport in Queens, NY. The airline's main destinations are U.S. hubs, flights to the Caribbean and Bahamas, and some to Central and South America. It is a non-union airline with a fleet of just under 200 craft, with another 50 ordered. The primary strategy for Jet Blue is the customer value proposition. The airline is not fancy, does not try to offer a number of amenities, only has a few routes, and is primarily trying to base ridership on low-cost fares. Revenue for 2011 was $4.5 billion, with operating income of $322 million and net income of $86 million. The company has a total of over $7 billion in assets showing that 2011 was a good year for the airline, even though revenues were slightly lower than the previous year (Jet Blue Annouces 2011 Annual Profit, 2012).
Part 2 Resource Analysis- The company uses unit level activities and manages these by choosing to maintain high aircraft utilization (operating a single aircraft type with a single class of service) and direct booking services save computer reservation fees (use of which lowers operating costs. It uses batch level resources by using a uniform type of aircraft, in which the staff need only become an expert once not many times over.
Part 3 External Environment - Airlines, particularly smaller…

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