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STCL Outlines Bank 40nations.com is Down

August 21, 2014    

The esteemed legal outline bank for students at South Texas College of Law, 40nations.com, has gone down just in time for the Spring 2014 semester to commence at South Texas College of Law.

There’s still Hope

The domain registration has not lapsed— in fact it is registered until 2016.  More than likely this is a disconnect from the hosting server, which could be caused by any number of issues. I’ve tracked down the registrant owner of the domain and am waiting to hear back as to when, if ever, students can expect the site to return to normal operations.

Outlines Available for Download

In the meantime, STCL students can check my STCL Legal Outlines page to see if one of the available documents meets their needs. More materials are available upon request by submitting a request via the contact form. Students may also check outlinesdepot.com although the option to download outlines from this source is limited by the number of credits that your user account has been granted.

About the Author

Corbin Dodge is a professional web marketing specialist who has over 15 years of experience learning the ‘ins-and-outs’ of how the internet can be used as a tool to benefit, harm, or promote users and businesses. A self-described computer ‘power-user’ and efficiency hobbyist, he advocates utilizing technological and web-based tools as mechanisms to promote personal and professional success.



I write my outlines like I write my code– clear, organized, and efficient

Torts I, Fall 2010, Professor Shelby Moore Download
Contracts I, Fall 2010, Professor Richard Carlson Download
Legal Research and Writing I, Professor Sparling Download

Civil Procedure, Spring 2011, Professor Rocky Rhodes Download
Criminal Law, Spring 2011, Professor Susan Crump Download
Property I, Spring 2011, Professor Rensberger Download

Property II, Fall 2011, Professor Moya Download
Constitutional Law, Fall 2011, Professor Rocky Rhodes Download
Evidence, Fall 2011, Professor Kenneth Williams Download

Federal Income Taxation, Spring 2012, Professor Yamamoto
Professional Responsibility, Spring 2012, Professor Bauman Download
Legal Research and Writing II, Spring 2012, Professor Sparling Download

Contracts II, Summer 2012, Professor Richard Carlson Download
Torts II, Summer 2012, Professor Ted Field Download

Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Professor Siegel Download
Criminal Procedure, Fall 2012, Professor Geoffrey Corn Download
Family Law, Fall 2012, Professor Browne-Barbour Download

Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law, Spring 2013, Professor Michael Jones Outline, Figures
Texas Criminal Procedure, Spring 2013, Professor Susan Crump Outline
Marital Property, Spring 2013, Professor Pamela George Download

Corporations, Fall 2013, Professor Joseph Leahy PDF | Word
Payment Systems, Fall 2013, Professor Hague PDF | Word
Texas Pre-Trial Procedure, Fall 2013, Professor Elaine Carlson Details about this class

Hospital Internship, Spring 2014, Dean Elizabeth Dennis, placement in the Legal Department at Texas Children’s Hospital under the supervision of Director Frankie Louis
Health Law, Spring 2014, Professor Sandra Carnehan PDF | Word
Consumer Transactions, Spring 2014, Professor Steiner
Sexual Orientation and the Law, Spring 2014, Professor Nechman Download

Internet Law, Fall 2014, Professor Ng Download
HIV and the Law, Fall 2014, Professor Nechman Download
First Amendment Law, Fall 2014, Professor Charles “Rocky” Rhodes Outline | Flow Charts | Flow Charts (pdf)
Secured Transactions, Fall 2014, Professor Worley Download

For more outlines by South Texas College of Law Students, visit the 40Nations Outline Bank

How you can help

I hope that STCL students will be able to utilize these outlines for many years to come. If you identify a misstatement of law or a material omission within these outlines, please let me know! I encourage you to submit corrections so that the outlines provided on this website will continue to improve over time. Please clearly mark the corrections by using track changes, include a citation, and email them to me at blurped@yahoo.com.


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