Identity Synthesis Essay Example

I ask students to find the paper where they wrote the question they selected at the end of the lesson taught earlier in this unit where students collaborated to generate questions about identity. This is the link to that lesson. The only thing written on that paper is their question and a few sentences expressing their initial response. I ask students to use the rest of that paper for their outline. Students usually view outlines as a waste of time so I have to give them a short speech about the fact that experienced writers outline their papers because nobody can produce a series of brilliant ideas that fall on the paper in an organized manner. As a matter of fact, I tell students, if we look inside our brains, our thoughts would likely look like a crazy web. They generally seem to agree with and enjoy their natural thinking pattern being described in this manner. I tell them that in their outline, they need to give me the bones of their argument, just the most important elements of each paragraph. This includes their working thesis, which they can expect to change/modify during the writing process, the central points of each body paragraph, and the quotes they plan on using to support their thesis. Once they hear this, the sea of questions regarding the specifics of the assignment will come. I have a chart with a list of Essay Requirements prepared in advance, with all the requirements they need in their essay in order to get credit. I spend a few minutes going over each bullet point. After clarifying confusion and answering questions, I tell students to get started on their outline. The elements in this chart are pretty straightforward and clear. The only points of confusion have to do with students' inexperience writing strong essays. They are not used to formulating thesis statements that communicate large ideas, they struggle to maintain cohesion, they are still developing more sophisticated language, etc. These elements will be addressed in this essay as well as repeatedly throughout the school year.

Students begin working on their outline. As they work, I walk around and informally check their work and speak with students individually. I periodically interrupt the whole class to share challenges I am observing in the working outlines and suggest solutions. For instance, many feel "stuck" in the formulation of their thesis statement. I let them know that it is a good idea to write something down, but that it will inevitably change and be modified in the writing process. They just need to try something and move on to select the texts they will be discussing and to collect quotes. I tell them that the next step of this lesson is to discuss and see samples of weak and strong thesis statements and that will offer them guidelines to formulate a strong argument. I let students work for about 15 minutes.  



How Gender Role Impacts on Identity Essay

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When contemplating the topic of gender role and its impact on identity one cannot help but realise that these gender roles have a huge part to play on a person’s identity. As gender is a combination of male and female it gives way for a number of characteristics to accompany each sex making them different from each other. This has an important position to play on identity which Kath Woodward stated in her book “Questioning Identity: Gender, Class, Nation” where she said “Without difference there would not be such thing as identity”. (Woodward, 2000, pp.51) Unfortunately, however, with these differences there are inequalities. In this essay I would like to elaborate on this further by looking at the meaning of gender and how it impacts…show more content…

Gender can be described as “the social attributes associated with being a woman or a man in a particular society” (Woodward, 2000, pp.47) A person’s gender is then determined by their sex which is “a biological classification”. (Woodward, 2000, pp.47) As gender is a social attribute the identities of people of different genders vary from society to society. For example, in many religions, women do not have place in the rituals of the religion as it is simply only for men to do. (Chryssides and Geaves, 2013, pp.331) As religions were formed in certain cultures this shows a clear divide caused by gender roles based on the cultural origin of the religion but also shows that this has an impact on the identities of the male and female members of the religion. This being that the males feel they have more authority over the females of the religion. A lot of inequality among the sexes is simply based on stereotypes. Stereotypes can be explained as “one-sided and exaggerated images of men and women which are deployed repeatedly in everyday life”. (Scott and Marshal, 2009, pp. 279) A great example of stereotypical sexist views is portrayed in the humours video of the character Ali G who interviewed a lady about her views on feminism. In this video he seems to be making fun of some sexist notions such as the idea of people being uncomfortable about flying in a plane piloted by a female

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