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Here's Why Manners and Etiquette are Important for Your Success

Good manners define you as a person, while etiquette is what make you socially acceptable. They help you gain respect and create a good as well as lasting impression. This Buzzle article explains the importance of manners and etiquette in our day-to-day lives.
"The rules of good manners are the traffic lights of human interaction. They make it so that we don't crash into one another in everyday behavior."
- Pier Forni, the author of Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct.
Manners represent your inner self, whereas etiquette is what and how you portray yourself to the public. One represents your way of acting, and the other is how you treat others. They touch every aspect of our lives, and have been ingrained in our minds since we were children.

Saying 'Please' and 'Thank You', or common courtesies like holding a door for someone, or offering your seat to an elderly or disabled person, are some basic manners that we all practice. They make you feel good. The question arises as to why are manners and etiquette so important in our lives? We have tried to answer this question in this Buzzle article.
They Help you Earn Respect
The way you behave and conduct yourself mirrors your personality. Your eye-contact, the way you greet others, and most importantly, your smile, are the first things people will notice about you. Manners define your character and influence your attitude as well as the way you treat other people, be it your superiors, peers, or inferiors. The Golden Rule states, 'Treat others the way you want them to treat you.' Good manners and etiquette help you earn respect. Rude and offensive behavior does not go down well with anyone. And as they say, 'respect given is respect earned'. Hence, if you treat others with respect and acknowledge them, you are most likely to be respected, trusted, and cared for.
They Charm Your Personality
Good manners and etiquette embellish your personality. They add extra charm which will go a long way in portraying you as an individual. Remember, manners need to be acquired and adapted. I am sure you followed your parents; the same way your children will try and imitate you to the core. So, learning and inculcating good manners will help create a positive impression on others.
They Make Relationships Smoother
Good manners help you swallow your pride and reach out to others. You are more considerate of the feelings and emotions of others. Good manners teach you to be polite. Even if someone behaves rudely with you, your manners and etiquette will stop you from over-reacting. You have better control over your emotions. Hence, you teach people how to treat and interact with you. These manners and etiquette will govern the way you act and react to situations in your life. People will think highly of you, and it will make your relationships easier.
They Increase Your Confidence
Practicing good manners makes you more confident, and increases awareness of your surroundings. They act as a magnet and draw people towards you. Being sympathetic towards others, and not making fun of the weaknesses or deformities of others will take you a long way in life. Your attitude and confidence will determine the way you look at things and react to particular situations. These come from the practice of good manners and etiquette, which are the stepping stones of success in life.
They Keep You Motivated and Happy
Manners, etiquette, wisdom, virtue, knowledge, and intelligence are accepted and appreciated universally. Being kind and generous towards other people, and maintaining a calm and composed stature even in bad situations, helps earn respect. It is impressive behavior that will please others and help gain respect. Good manners and etiquette give constant happiness to your own self, and help gain self-respect. They constantly keep you motivated.
They Impart Strength to Digest Failure
Failure is what many are unable to digest easily, be it on the personal or professional front. Good manners and etiquette gives you the strength to accept any kind of failure. It keeps you positively motivated to face rough weather. It is never easy to accept defeat or face the struggles in life. There are situations which test your patience, or try to bring you down. However, your manners and their positive attributes will help maintain your posture and turn the tide in your favor.
Remember, everyone observes you, and in this globalization era, you not only represent your family, but your community and nation as well. So, behave accordingly, and try and inculcate good manners and etiquette in your daily life as they are very important in the long run. They are crucial in maintaining your family, social, and professional circle. Besides, your demeanor will pave the way for living a beautiful life.

Importance of Good Manners and Etiquettes

April 15, 2017

Florence Lewis

Good manners are important for considering the feelings of other people and being the kind of person that others will like and respect. In the ‘olden days’ children were taught about the Golden Rule, “Always do to others as you would wish them to do to you if you were in their place.” This is still a good way to behave nowadays. If you are respectful to others then you are more likely to be treated with respect by them. If you show good manners everywhere you go, you are more likely to encourage others to behave in the same way towards you.

Good manners show the best you have to offer and encourage others to be their best. Practicing these manners on a daily basis makes for a more pleasant life.

  • Be thoughtful
  • Be cheerful
  • Be generous
  • Be co-operative
  • Be helpful
  • Don’t be bossy
  • Don’t put people down or say rude things
  • Respect other’s privacy
  • Take care of personal property

Manners are important to make a good impression on others in everyday life. They also helps you to feel good about yourself and your identity. No matter where you are, at home- with kids, at work- with colleagues, or with friends, practicing good manners are important. If you practice good manners, you are showing those around you that you are considerate to their feelings and also respect them. You are also setting standards for other’s behavior and encouraging them to treat you with similar respect.

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Basic Examples of Good Manners and Etiquettes

  • Choose your words wisely and don’t rush to comment about things you don’t know much about. Being a good listener is often better than speaking. You don’t need to have an opinion on everything.
  • Think things out before you speak, especially if you are a person who may be poor at finding the right words to say. Don’t start a sentence, with ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ in between, it seems awkward and you should try speaking to yourself in front of a mirror, it works! It increases your confident in speaking.
  • Don’t speak loudly. You will quickly lose respect if you do, as this can be seen as overbearing and rude. It can also make other people angry and upset with you before you even establish some kind of relationship with them. They will see you as a ‘big mouth’ who cannot be trusted with anything confidential. So practice turning your volume down if you tend to have a loud voice.
  • Speak with respect to and of others. You can do this by avoiding negative remarks that may insult someone else. The general rule is- if you don’t want someone to speak about you that way, you don’t speak about them to others.
  • Do not ever speak of bodily functions even if it is a casual conversation, such as using the bathroom or telling crude jokes, for this shows sign of immaturity and often creates a bad impression of you with your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Always respect older people and listen to them and learn. This applies to all elders and not just parents and grandparents.
  • Using the terms ‘Thank You’, and ‘You are Welcome’ shows that you have good manners. People who lack manners do not use these terms.
  • Hold open a door for anyone following you closely. This is a sign of a good manner and has never changed. There are no strict gender rules in this day and age.
  • Speak highly of your parents respect them, even if there are things about them that you do not like. If you cannot do that, stay away from speaking about them at all. It looks bad to insult or speak badly of the people who brought you into this world or raised you. Don’t wash dirty family laundry in public. It is negative and rude.
  • Do not swear to use filth language and curse words. It is unprofessional! People who do this are usually very immature and have no self-control or respect for themselves and others!

Good manners are simply respect and consideration for others or being aware of the needs of others. They are the oil which lubricates the friction of interpersonal relations and creates a happy and successful society. So, Give Respect and Take Respect!

Source and references:Communication Skills and Personality Development

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