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Jyske Bank Case Answer

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Question 1: What is Jyske Bank’s new positioning or competitive differentiation strategy?


The Jyske Group is Danish bank that is owned and operated as a business. The company attaches great importance to treating their three groups of stakeholders- shareholders, customers and employees – with equal respect. If the balance shifts in favor of one or two of the groups, this will be to the long-term detriment of all groups (Zeithmal, Bitner and Gremler 1996).

The bank's core values are its fundamental cornerstone. In the eyes of both clients and employees, the following traits are what make Jyske bank unique:

• Common sense • Open and honest • Different and unpretentious • Genuine interest and equal respect •…show more content…

Intangible Differences

Delivering on the bank's new competitive positioning also required changes to the intangible aspects which are not visible to customer.

Before any branch was redesigned, all staff took part in special training sessions such as teambuilding and customer service sessions, drawing on best customer practices from the retail sector.

Jyske management strongly believed that value is created through decisions and encouraged empowerment of not only employees but also of the whole branch, with the managers to set the example through their leadership and management style.

Additionally, with documentation, training and legal documents all centralized at the bank's headquarters it allowed human resources to be more active in dealing with human issues and even enabled them to outsource their problem solving skills as HR professionals in the field (at a regional level) for a fee. This service was at the cost of the bank branch if they needed it, but was not compulsory.

Question3: Analyze Jyske bank’s success using the service quality gaps model found in Chapter 2. What are Jyske Bank’s strategies for closing the 5 gaps in the model?


Customer gap:

← Pro-active approach to anticipate customer expectations and satisfy them

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